Wolf Hamlin is the husky voice of salvation in a land of shattered dreams. He sings as if he were raised as a grizzly and writes as if he were schooled by gypsies. Backed by a band that has stolen thunder from the heavens and teardrops from the angels, Hamlin confirms what we all love about the sad, beautiful music of our country: It was born in the dust of outcasts and was crafted into melodies for all of us. Hamlin fronts a band of masterful players--they cast his visions into colorful tapestries of haunted todays and raw tomorrows. The songs are propelled by the taut and ornery rhythm section of drummer Joe O' Loughlin, bassist Andrew Cox and acoustic guitarist Karl Wente. The groove is sweetened by the fiddles of Lindsey Kemp and James Chasia and then lacerated by the virtuoso guitar licks of Tim Miller. The Front Porch Drifters summon up the spirits of Bakersfield country, New Orleans funk, Cajun whimsy, Civil War balladry and heartland rock and roll, and make it their own spicy gumbo. It is Americana that makes you feel the hangover in the deepest well of your heart, and transcendence in the brightest spaces of your soul.